Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Skeptical Ettu visits the Unknown Boundaries: Part 2

The continuation continues as I embark on this new found journey of curiosity and adventure. Well more like an experiment to me as well. With the previous experience, I did not initiate the contact with Denver. But within the next day, he contacted me and was asking or rather hinting me to meet up with him once again. At first in my mind, I was like, I ought to meet him when he requests me to. But then again I should not make it sound so freely available, as I was also tied down by work and that pretty much drained out my sex drive. After having discussions day after day, we finally met up only 4 days later. But instead of the usual dinner/drinks first, which I usually would go for it. We instead dive down towards the main activity, sex.

Since we both had our tests concluded and it was perfectly fine. The question did occur in my head during the first encounter, should we use a condom? Now for our 2nd encounter, it was a step ahead, sex. Thus the question came to my mind again, and his too, should we use condom? I was on pills to thus I wasn’t likely to reject raw sex, and furthermore we have both came up clean on the reports. The final decision was a go ahead, without any additional layers to obstruct this wonderful night. We headed over to a nearby budget hotel where we checked in. First thing was to have a shower right? That was what I had in mind, well shower before sex. I went on to ask Denver would he like to hit the showers together, but he told me no. Instead he would head into the shower but does not want me to shower, he wanted the raw scent on me (puzzled though I have some impression on what he might be referring to). Since it’s his request, I’ll obliged to it and he went on to take a shower while I waited on the bed.

Some time passes~~~

Denver was out from the shower, and he was dressed in a bathrobe. He went to sit down at the chair and asked for me to suck him. But hang on a second! I excused myself to toilet, citing I needed to use the bathroom. Instead I went in and wipe out a super minty mouth wash, and gurgled for a minute before expelling the contents out. Then I went back out to meet him, in my working attire of a black skirt and a black top (its black day!), on the contrast inside wearing white front clasp bra and white panties. I kneel before him and I used my hands to first stroke him to a hard erection. Leaning down onto his crotch, the fresh soup scent filled my nose and it felt really pleasant. Without much delay I lowered my mouth down, inch after inch his cock entered my mouth before it was fully in me, to his balls. He moaned for a sec, before started groaning as the mintiness within my mouth took effect on his cock. 2 days ago we were texting each other and he was mentioning he like to try a hot & cold blowjob. So taking his full advice, I’ll grant him a really spicy experience today :D

Looking up at Denver while I bob my head up and down on his cock, I could see his expression. Though he felt as though he was feeling uncomfortable and resisting in the beginning, it became different as time goes by and he was enjoying it a lot. Droplets of precum kept expelling from his cock as I sweep them all up with my tongue before working both my lips and hands, to milk more out of his milk sacks. I was pretty sure he was getting close to cumming, because he stopped me. I stood up and pulled his head towards my chests, smothering him with my breasts as I felt his hands reaching out behind to try to unclasp my bra, before I told him that it was actually infront. Piece by piece my clothing was removed from me, blouse off, bra fell and Denver went on to suck on my nipples. At this point, I was very wet. The whole blowjob and smothering him with my boobies made me all hot and horny. Those stimulation he was giving to my nipples, made the little piece of cloth below event more moist. All these while his hands was also working down to feel my pussy, as he felt my panties and I could feel him nudging onto them, right above my crotch area where as much as I would like to deny, it was really wet.

Moments later, Denver was lapping on my pussy while I laid down in bed. It was a very intense moment as his tongue lashes out whip after whip against my swollen clit, driving me nuts as his finger screwed into my pussy at the same time. He took his fingers out of my pussy and wiped the wet juices onto my inner thighs. It was this moment I had a feeling he was finally going to penetrate me. Denver aimed his cock right at my pussy entrance, that raw hairy dick pushing it’s way for the first time as the mushroom head entered me. This made me let out a moan as his dick head entered me, and next thing he pushed himself fully throttle forward and filled my wet caverns. Denver’s hands clasped onto my ass cheeks as he pulled himself towards me, sending me pound after pound as he fucked me like his little bitch in doggie position. This all felt so surreal but as soon as the first orgasm hits me, I was lost in it as moans filled the room together with our bodies smacking onto each other as he continued pounding me. It was at this moment Denver called out to me and asked whether could he cum inside me. I was caught off guard on that as we didn’t agreed on this before. He said he wanted to fill me with his manly seeds and that he has not done this for a long time.

Horny sense made me say yes without much thought, and Denver resumed his relentless thrusting before erupting inside me. His cock twitched intensely in me as shot after shot of cum was deposited into my pussy. I even had thoughts on whether did they get shot into my womb as he felt so deep inside me when he cummed. Denver pulled himself out of me and quickly told me to wear my panties. That caught me as a surprise, not sure what he had in mind. But the next thing he told me was, he wanted to me masturbate. Denver went over to his bag and pulled out a vibrator. He went to wash it and handed it over to me, asking me to masturbate with it while he watch. I took the little vibrator and turned it on. It’s a normal vibrator, silver in colour and shaped like a bullet. I pulled up the front of my panties and slide the vibrator down until it reaches my clit, and snapped my panties back in my place. I tuned the control up and set it level 1. The vibration instantly made me moaned as the stimulation was directly on my clit. This way I would cum really fast as long as the right settings is being used. Denver walked over toward me and he started sucking on my nipples, his cock was still hard and I could see him using his hand to stroke it as I was being made to cum over and over again. It was about after my 3rd or 4th orgasm, which was just paced minutes between each other due to the intensity of the vibrator. Denver took the controls from me and he had it at almost maxed speed, all the way ever since I cummed for the first time with it.

Denver stood up to me and positioned his dick right at my face, he wanted me to suck him. Instead I told him, to fuck my mouth. I was getting worned out but yet I was also very sexually aroused and high from it. He took the cue and held my head down onto his cock. All I did next was to accommodate my mouth as much as possible as his hips thrust forward to send him dick into me. The combined mixture of taste in my mouth made me even more horny, of cum and of my own juices. Denver pulled out of my right before he shot all his load onto my breasts. With that over, Denver turned off the vibrator and took it out of my panties. I was like a depleted gas field as I layed down on the bed, catching my breathe with my eyes closed. I opened and looked around, Denver was getting dressed up and he left a wade of cash on the table side. He told me he had to go now and the room has been paid, so I could leave whenever I’m ready. I laid back down on the bed and rest. I was too tired to move for now.

The blissful rest period was interrupted moments later with a phone call which I picked up. It was from the reception desk and they informed me that it was almost times up, and there would be additional charges to come. I woke up immediately and stumbled all over as I got dressed. Picking up all my stuff, I went down and handed over the keys before checking out. I thought he had the room booked for the night! Well guess I’m wrong. Though that’s new to me that it can be booked for time periods instead of nights. Exiting the hotel was the easy part. It was 10pm and the streets were still rather crowded. Eyes were looking at my while I exited the hotel. Maybe it was just my paranoia that was playing a part in it, but this made me felt sort of embarassed as I left the hotel. I managed to hailed for a cab and went back home to conclude the day. Denver did texted me later on in the night, that was after I counted the money. He said he added a little more, for my cooperation with the creampie. That was so last minute I didn’t even know whether I would have agreed back then. But my panties, sort of destroyed from all the cum stains and also cum. I threw those into the washing machine, hopefully it will get all white and sparkling clean if not I’ll bleach it.

Overall this time round I must say it was a very intense session. The many times I was so high I felt that it would be my demise if I were to be accepting everything due to arousal. I did spend some time doing homework after that night, there were so many things I didn’t know and understand. Per session, per shot, all the terminologies are killing me to digest. I think I enjoyed too much over the session, I felt a little guilty over that. Was it supposed to be that way? It felt like a win win, satisfaction and added value. Though all the strange requests might pop up out of no where, I must be prepared to encounter them.

P.S. I was supposed to sleep after that… But.. I kept having flash backs… Instead masturbated and ended up waking up late for work on the next day :P Till the next time!

Ettu Signing Off ☺

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