Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Skeptical Ettu visits the Unknown Boundaries: Part 2

The continuation continues as I embark on this new found journey of curiosity and adventure. Well more like an experiment to me as well. With the previous experience, I did not initiate the contact with Denver. But within the next day, he contacted me and was asking or rather hinting me to meet up with him once again. At first in my mind, I was like, I ought to meet him when he requests me to. But then again I should not make it sound so freely available, as I was also tied down by work and that pretty much drained out my sex drive. After having discussions day after day, we finally met up only 4 days later. But instead of the usual dinner/drinks first, which I usually would go for it. We instead dive down towards the main activity, sex.

Since we both had our tests concluded and it was perfectly fine. The question did occur in my head during the first encounter, should we use a condom? Now for our 2nd encounter, it was a step ahead, sex. Thus the question came to my mind again, and his too, should we use condom? I was on pills to thus I wasn’t likely to reject raw sex, and furthermore we have both came up clean on the reports. The final decision was a go ahead, without any additional layers to obstruct this wonderful night. We headed over to a nearby budget hotel where we checked in. First thing was to have a shower right? That was what I had in mind, well shower before sex. I went on to ask Denver would he like to hit the showers together, but he told me no. Instead he would head into the shower but does not want me to shower, he wanted the raw scent on me (puzzled though I have some impression on what he might be referring to). Since it’s his request, I’ll obliged to it and he went on to take a shower while I waited on the bed.

Some time passes~~~

Denver was out from the shower, and he was dressed in a bathrobe. He went to sit down at the chair and asked for me to suck him. But hang on a second! I excused myself to toilet, citing I needed to use the bathroom. Instead I went in and wipe out a super minty mouth wash, and gurgled for a minute before expelling the contents out. Then I went back out to meet him, in my working attire of a black skirt and a black top (its black day!), on the contrast inside wearing white front clasp bra and white panties. I kneel before him and I used my hands to first stroke him to a hard erection. Leaning down onto his crotch, the fresh soup scent filled my nose and it felt really pleasant. Without much delay I lowered my mouth down, inch after inch his cock entered my mouth before it was fully in me, to his balls. He moaned for a sec, before started groaning as the mintiness within my mouth took effect on his cock. 2 days ago we were texting each other and he was mentioning he like to try a hot & cold blowjob. So taking his full advice, I’ll grant him a really spicy experience today :D

Looking up at Denver while I bob my head up and down on his cock, I could see his expression. Though he felt as though he was feeling uncomfortable and resisting in the beginning, it became different as time goes by and he was enjoying it a lot. Droplets of precum kept expelling from his cock as I sweep them all up with my tongue before working both my lips and hands, to milk more out of his milk sacks. I was pretty sure he was getting close to cumming, because he stopped me. I stood up and pulled his head towards my chests, smothering him with my breasts as I felt his hands reaching out behind to try to unclasp my bra, before I told him that it was actually infront. Piece by piece my clothing was removed from me, blouse off, bra fell and Denver went on to suck on my nipples. At this point, I was very wet. The whole blowjob and smothering him with my boobies made me all hot and horny. Those stimulation he was giving to my nipples, made the little piece of cloth below event more moist. All these while his hands was also working down to feel my pussy, as he felt my panties and I could feel him nudging onto them, right above my crotch area where as much as I would like to deny, it was really wet.

Moments later, Denver was lapping on my pussy while I laid down in bed. It was a very intense moment as his tongue lashes out whip after whip against my swollen clit, driving me nuts as his finger screwed into my pussy at the same time. He took his fingers out of my pussy and wiped the wet juices onto my inner thighs. It was this moment I had a feeling he was finally going to penetrate me. Denver aimed his cock right at my pussy entrance, that raw hairy dick pushing it’s way for the first time as the mushroom head entered me. This made me let out a moan as his dick head entered me, and next thing he pushed himself fully throttle forward and filled my wet caverns. Denver’s hands clasped onto my ass cheeks as he pulled himself towards me, sending me pound after pound as he fucked me like his little bitch in doggie position. This all felt so surreal but as soon as the first orgasm hits me, I was lost in it as moans filled the room together with our bodies smacking onto each other as he continued pounding me. It was at this moment Denver called out to me and asked whether could he cum inside me. I was caught off guard on that as we didn’t agreed on this before. He said he wanted to fill me with his manly seeds and that he has not done this for a long time.

Horny sense made me say yes without much thought, and Denver resumed his relentless thrusting before erupting inside me. His cock twitched intensely in me as shot after shot of cum was deposited into my pussy. I even had thoughts on whether did they get shot into my womb as he felt so deep inside me when he cummed. Denver pulled himself out of me and quickly told me to wear my panties. That caught me as a surprise, not sure what he had in mind. But the next thing he told me was, he wanted to me masturbate. Denver went over to his bag and pulled out a vibrator. He went to wash it and handed it over to me, asking me to masturbate with it while he watch. I took the little vibrator and turned it on. It’s a normal vibrator, silver in colour and shaped like a bullet. I pulled up the front of my panties and slide the vibrator down until it reaches my clit, and snapped my panties back in my place. I tuned the control up and set it level 1. The vibration instantly made me moaned as the stimulation was directly on my clit. This way I would cum really fast as long as the right settings is being used. Denver walked over toward me and he started sucking on my nipples, his cock was still hard and I could see him using his hand to stroke it as I was being made to cum over and over again. It was about after my 3rd or 4th orgasm, which was just paced minutes between each other due to the intensity of the vibrator. Denver took the controls from me and he had it at almost maxed speed, all the way ever since I cummed for the first time with it.

Denver stood up to me and positioned his dick right at my face, he wanted me to suck him. Instead I told him, to fuck my mouth. I was getting worned out but yet I was also very sexually aroused and high from it. He took the cue and held my head down onto his cock. All I did next was to accommodate my mouth as much as possible as his hips thrust forward to send him dick into me. The combined mixture of taste in my mouth made me even more horny, of cum and of my own juices. Denver pulled out of my right before he shot all his load onto my breasts. With that over, Denver turned off the vibrator and took it out of my panties. I was like a depleted gas field as I layed down on the bed, catching my breathe with my eyes closed. I opened and looked around, Denver was getting dressed up and he left a wade of cash on the table side. He told me he had to go now and the room has been paid, so I could leave whenever I’m ready. I laid back down on the bed and rest. I was too tired to move for now.

The blissful rest period was interrupted moments later with a phone call which I picked up. It was from the reception desk and they informed me that it was almost times up, and there would be additional charges to come. I woke up immediately and stumbled all over as I got dressed. Picking up all my stuff, I went down and handed over the keys before checking out. I thought he had the room booked for the night! Well guess I’m wrong. Though that’s new to me that it can be booked for time periods instead of nights. Exiting the hotel was the easy part. It was 10pm and the streets were still rather crowded. Eyes were looking at my while I exited the hotel. Maybe it was just my paranoia that was playing a part in it, but this made me felt sort of embarassed as I left the hotel. I managed to hailed for a cab and went back home to conclude the day. Denver did texted me later on in the night, that was after I counted the money. He said he added a little more, for my cooperation with the creampie. That was so last minute I didn’t even know whether I would have agreed back then. But my panties, sort of destroyed from all the cum stains and also cum. I threw those into the washing machine, hopefully it will get all white and sparkling clean if not I’ll bleach it.

Overall this time round I must say it was a very intense session. The many times I was so high I felt that it would be my demise if I were to be accepting everything due to arousal. I did spend some time doing homework after that night, there were so many things I didn’t know and understand. Per session, per shot, all the terminologies are killing me to digest. I think I enjoyed too much over the session, I felt a little guilty over that. Was it supposed to be that way? It felt like a win win, satisfaction and added value. Though all the strange requests might pop up out of no where, I must be prepared to encounter them.

P.S. I was supposed to sleep after that… But.. I kept having flash backs… Instead masturbated and ended up waking up late for work on the next day :P Till the next time!

Ettu Signing Off ☺

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Skeptical Ettu visits the Unknown Boundaries: Part 1

Away and away I had been. Hello my dear readers. I'm back to put up a little update to my life. Life has been rather crazy later, with work (everyday of my life), and not forgetting sex still plays a big role in my everyday life. Lately this has gone towards experimenting new things which I had previously not gone to explored, at least not in depth. Many of which had involvement with new partners, also some with strangers, voyeuristic ideas, kinky thoughts, keep your mind busy imagining :P Now comes a little something that happened to me within the past few months.

For centuries and before, past and present, humans of the opposite gender has always sought to various ways to curb their sexual desires. Many resorts to masturbating, some will be busying making out with their partners, and there will be a minority whom would visit this zone of paid sex, regardless of gender. Men would often look towards paid sex, visiting prostitutes for that satisfaction and relief that they are unable to achieve. Lonely women do look towards that too, just may not be that widely known but nonetheless it does happen. I do often hear stories and recounts from my friends, of how their partner cheated on them by visiting these avenues of pleasure. Girlfriends whom gone on to have multiple sex mates behind their partner's back. While it may seem like a norm, to be satisfying one's needs when one is unable to find it, it may also seem wrong by some morally, as long as it's not illegal.

That sort of spruced up an idea, a concept that I decided to work out with. Its not the normal thing one should do. To understand further on the concept, while not dwell yourself into it so you could understand its perspective. From there the idea is being conceived, What's sex with monetary involvement? How will it feel? How is it different? Certainly there are many perceptions of it, and I believe there are many sides to it too. Some are being forced into this sort of life, some just wanna have fun and live the limelight, but also risks are involved when it comes to such dangerous ideas. So what better ways to look around than to visit a social media site to hook up a profile, or in other words, a dating profile. But not without consulting a person whom has been into such sites, a very good friend of mine, who took the courtesy to help me create a beautiful profile, depicting the innocent yet struggling young married lonely girl. (And for the record, I'm not married :P)

The profile was created with his help and within the hours of uploading a photo, things started moving. Conversations flowed, in various forms. Ranging from the most boring single words 'Hi!' 'ASL?' "Sexy" to bold openings but fails 'Wanna have sex?' "You wished my dick is in you" "Nice boobs if you show more". Most of these ended up in the trash box soon enough as we filtered through various profiles. This was until I met this user under the alias of Denver, which he says that's his name too. We had a great chat, started out rather boring but soon we were even exchanging more photos as my friend urged me to continue enticing him. I did not probe very deep into his private life, but I know he's a blue collared worker, claims to be single though I'm not so sure about this point. I do remember a faint band discolouration mark on his finger the first time I met him :P But I didn't make any comments. He is chinese, fair and short hair, dressed neatly and cleanly shaven, on the face. :P

Denver and I both wanted to ensure we are both safe and cleared for things. I was talked by him and we ended up visiting a health clinic to get ourself screened (though I do that on a quarterly basis and through my routine medical checkup). That was our first meeting, at a clinic. The conversation blossomed verbally into something else after that. Well sex was already on both of our minds, but I kept insisting I do not wish to have sex. But he seemed eager, and Denver offered me something. He claims its a little "fee" just to help him satisfy his urge. We did have conversations on that previously, about sex with benefits, but I turned him down like how a shy person would do so. I know I'm quite a bitch :X This time round, I agreed to his offer and without much delay, we find ourselves in his car, and me giving him a blowjob. It was a rather tight spot to do it, dark at a carpark late at night. Denver unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, revealing his fully erected dick which had precum on its tip. I was all dressed in a black dress, a tiny glimpse from above would reveal my red bra beneath and if you look under, you might see something purple with lace. His dick was not shaved at all, and after a long day out at work, one could imagine there ought to be a scent on it.

True enough its present, but it's not a super strong scent that chokes me, it was pungent but still containable. I gripped his dick within my hand and started jerking it, leaning my head down to lick on its forehead to taste the precum that was present. A tint of saltiness, I wonder is it all precum taste this way, there has been variations but in general they feel to be of the same context. But back to the story, after teasing him for a brief few minutes with my tongue, with his constant nudging to push my head down to suck him, I finally gave in and went down to take his dick into my mouth, all the way till it hit my throat and giving it a good suck. I could feel the squishy feeling below between my thighs, my moist panties. I continued my efforts, giving him the blowjob of his life (he gave me that impression as he was groaning from the time I took him into my mouth) and minutes later Denver told me to stop and hurriedly he took his own dick in his hands, jerking them at a fast rate as he approaches his orgasm. Denver didn't mentioned where he would cum, certainly he didn't say in my mouth too which maybe why he pulled out, but that's just my one sided view as the next question that he came to ask me was, is it ok to cum in my mouth? I hesitated a little before agreeing to it, seeing how horny he was, it was so hard to reject him as I was very aroused myself from this. Leaning down once again, before my mouth could open, his dick shot its first shot of sperm out onto my nose and lips. Quickly I dived down to encased his dick within my mouth and drain off the rest. It was all thick and slimy, thick cum and big load, with a taste too, but I would admit its not as pleasant as I expected it to be.

After swallowing and cleaning up those excess cum, Denver quickly dressed his pants up and I asked him, how many days since he last cummed. The number he gave me, a week long! I believe it might be true in some terms, it was really thick, but I might be wrong on that. Next thing Denver asked where do I live, and he would send me home as he needed to attend to some urgent matters. I did not want to bother him so I told him to drop me at the nearest Train Station. When we arrived at the Train Station, Denver passed me a stack of notes, money, before bidding me off. I got off his car and he drove off, no message after that or anything. I took a cab home, a Train would be too far and time consuming. While I was on the cab, I had some answers to the questions that I probed earlier on.

Was it fun to do it?
Honestly I would say Yes. It was fun, and being paid for it does dwells and turn it an edge up. Not that I needed it but who in their right mind would not like to receive money? Aside from illegal sources that is.

How did I feel when doing it?
Felt like a job to me. I'm told to do XXXX and I do XXXX in return for this. But somehow it turned me on more than expected. Most definitely you would not know who and what you would be expecting. But it make me felt slutty, naughty, like I'm doing the forbidden action secretly and it sensual aroused me greatly.

Was I wet during/after the episode?
Yes I was. To top it off, he cummed in my mouth. Put it into a scenario where you just knock off from work and head on to do a part time job in your secret life after work. Somewhere along that lines :P I did went home to masturbate a few times, but that wasn't as potent as what I needed, well you know ;)

The next day Denver message me again, with another episode in his mind that he wishes to explore. But I'll leave that for another day :)

For all those who emailed me these past few months, thank you very much for your emails! I might have missed some and not responded. But I'll be keeping a lookout for them when they pop by ;) Made KIK too though don't really use it much :P Email me for it. Though I would say its an obvious username :P I missed my ASK.FM too, so I'll be reviving it to take questions on the go :D http://ask.fm/missettu

Ettu Signing Off ☺

Friday, February 12, 2016

Long Hiatus and shifting of priority

 After some long consideration and decisions, I have come to a conclusion that due to 'much happening things in life' and also changes in my lifestyle, I will be blogging much lesser, or rather in some sense 'retiring' from writing any further.

When I have the time, I would come back with stories, but the frequency will be rather low, no assurance on that it will become a frequent thingy unless the situation changes.

I would like to thank all my supporter and readers out there whom have been supporting this blog since it began back in well.... Close to 5 years ago :) It has been a very good and fun journey throughout.

I would still be contactable via my mail. So be good, be naughty, and like always spice up your life !

Ettu Signing Off ☺

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Year Q&A

The busy bees has settled in and it's the time of the year for a joyous, festive season to conclude our greatest year.

So to conclude this long year and to welcome the new year, I'll be hosting a Q&A session to answer questions and also take a break from writing as well.

Send me your mails and questions, I'll drop a bomb of answer list just around our festive seasons :)

Ettu Signing Off ☺

Monday, December 07, 2015

Servitude Between Her Part 3 -END-

I have been denied for close to a week. It is getting more and more unbearable each day. Felicia would make use of me on a day to day basis, to feed her pleasure by eating out her pussy and making her cum. However each time and time again, I was never allowed and always denied from cumming. This has started to make me feel some frustration but mostly sexual frustration.

I could still stimulate my nipples but that only make things worse right since I’m unable to cum.

On the 8th day of wearing the chastity belt, Felicia struck deal with me while we were in the midst of a session on a weekend afternoon. “So slut, I heard you are very eager to cum ain’t I right? Your pussy is so wet and it’s dying to be released.” Felicia asked me while my tongue was still on her pussy, licking her. “Yes Mistress.. I have been denied for so long.. Where’s that promised orgasm?” I asked Felicia in return. “Well slave. There’s a chance right now. A chore for you to perform for me, in return you will be allowed to cum. Shall I explain further?” asked Felicia as she stopped me, instead her hands moved down to caress my pussy which was yearning so badly to be touched. “Yes Mistress please tell me how.” I responded, my body burning in heat from the teasing she is hitting me with. “It’s a very simple chore. I have some “friends” that needs some help in releasing their urges… You could help me with completing these jobs in return for your release. A fair deal isn’t it?” said Felicia as she heightens her pace. “I supposed so…” I replied, sensing something might be off.

“Well girl. now go and wash yourself up and prepare for your first chance at release. It’s tonight. Here’s the address.” said Felicia, handing me a note with address and contact details. “Do not be late!” Felicia said before leaving me. I quickly took a shower and dressed up. Felicia locked the belt onto me and moments later she drove me down to the location. Felicia also handed me a mask and told me she will be waiting for me nearby, to call her once I’m finished. I was very nervous, not sure what is going on and who is it, but what I know is, this is my chance to cum and I should act on it. I took the elevator and headed up my destination. Once I exit the lift, I put on the mask and went to the designated door and ring the bell. Moments later a male in his 40, bald, came opening the door and quickly ushered me in. “She sent you here?” the guy asked. “You mean Felicia? Yes she did.” I responded as I looked around the house. “Let’s not waste time” said the man as he brought me to his room. Once in, he closed the door while I set my things down. He didn’t waste time at all and removed his shorts, showing me his dick. It was hairy and average sized. “Come make it.” said the guy as he brought his dick towards me. I reached out and grabbed the warm piece of meat in my hand and began stroking it. Moments later it grew and became harder, just mere seconds and it is already at its glorious full length. He went on to put a condom onto his cock, which immediately brought a question to my head, sex? I quickly told him say that there is no sex involved, which he quickly replied to me he understood the circumstances, but wanted me to suck him off.

I went down on him and took his dick into my mouth. The strawberry flavour on the condom was making it worse, didn’t liked it. It was only a couple of minutes before the guy started moving his hips as though he was fucking my mouth. This more or less gave me an idea that he was getting close to cumming or was really horny. But I had one last instruction in my head that Felicia wanted me to fulfil. I took his dick out of my mouth and told the guy, “Sir… Felicia wanted prove that this was completed. She insisted that you release your cum onto my body, wherever your prefer, so that I could show proof that it is completed.” “Now that you said it, I think she did mentioned it. I’ll take it from here.” replied the guy as he used his hands to jerk his dick off. Stroke after stroke his breathing grew heavier and finally he pulled the condom off and cum. First 2 loads hit my hair and the rest went onto my dress, into my cleavage. “That was entertaining. Thanks. You may leave now. I have another appointment to attend to.” said the guy and he quickly ushered me out of the house after I picked up all my belongings. I gave Felicia a call and she said she was waiting for me downstairs. Taking the lift down, I was very anxious to get into the car. Thankfully no one entered the lift while I was transiting down, but when I arrived at the ground floor, there was a couple of kids whom looked at me and that made me blush in embarassment as I quickly made it to Felicia’s car. All the cum still dangling down my hair and face. “Well done slut. Let’s head back.” said Felicia and we drove back home.

After a shower to wash up, Felicia did not lock me up and instead brought me to a room where there was a dildo attached to the floor with a suction cup. “You have 15 minutes slut, better make full use of it~” said Felicia as she leaves the room. Without wasting any second, I went over to the monstrous dildo and slowly sat on it. Inch by inch it penetrates me until it was fully in me. It was very easy to take it inside me as I was so wet and my juices quickly covered the toy. I rode myself to an amazing beyond dreams orgasm. It felt so good I nearly passed out on the first cumming. But as I was going for my 2nd, Felicia came in and told me its over. Sad and disappointed, I was once again locked back into my belt and sent home.

2 days later, a similar arrangement was given to me, but this time round it was just at Felicia’s home. It was a pretty quick run, as this was done before dawn. When I arrived, Felicia brought me straight to the room and unlocked my belt. 2 guys were waiting inside the dark room. They approached me and both had their dicks hard and eagerly needed release. The first guy made me blow him, condom was on while the 2nd guy went for my pussy and took me from the back, in doggy position. They swapped around after sometime and repeatedly fucked me, giving me a lot of orgasms that I cannot remember, even though it was only over a short period of 30 minutes. They both cummed at different spots of me, one on the sleeves of my dress and also my arm. The other guy came on my tummy, which quickly seeped into my panties. After which Felicia quickly send me off as she needed to head to work. So I wasn’t given a chance to bath, and I needed it bad due to the cum all over me, no way to work in such a state. A variation of thoughts were clouding my mind while I showered. I was getting controlled by a dom, also pleasing her, but not allowed to cum unless I complete her tasks. Some ways it seemed like she was just using me, other ways it looked as though its a reward/job contribution. This was all not much of a concern until the next job came.

This time round no mask allowed. A simple date with a guy, that’s all. Well seems decent. It was 8pm when I was waiting at the restaurant for him to appear. His name was Jason (pretty sure it’s not real) and I also gave him a fictitious name call Annie! He was a well dressed man, a little plump and wearing spectacles, chinese and probably in his mid 30s. We went to have a great dinner at a Chinese Restaurant, he ordered many dishes, it was just non stop eating. After the sumptous dinner, we went for a movie and during the show, that was when he tried hanky panky a little. During the movie, he hands was on my lap, and it rode my skirt up and went under me, only to meet my belt in return. It was hilarious when that happened. All I told him was, “Didn’t Felicia told you?” chuckled me. He left the theatre for a while, said to head to the gents, but later on I received a SMS from Felicia informing me of a change of plans. She said he will be heading to my place later. There is a key in my letterbox, together with it a envelope with a handcuff. She wants me to be a brat with the handcuffs, saying that’s what he liked. It all sounded fun in my mind, well I’m allowed to be unlocked and I could be a bitch :P

After the movie, we drove to my old home and I went to the letterbox to retrieve the items. We went up to my place and Jason told me that he wanted me to wear something. It was a school uniform! Wow great now I had to play dress up too, but it’ll be fun. I wore the uniform, the blouse was white and tight, with a navy blue skirt that was so short but thankfully, not so tight. No bra or panties worn, and I took the handcuffs out and dangled around my fingers. “So you gonna use me now, Daddy?” I asked Jason with a playful grin. Jason looked at me with sinister eyes and replied, “You will pray you didn’t say that.” as he locked the handcuffs around my wrist and positioned me over his lap. Jason lifted up my skirt and spanked down onto my ass. “Bad girl! Confess all your bad deeds now! When was the last time you cummed?” questioned Jason. This all happened too quickly and I was caught totally off guard with the spanking. “2 days ago daddy,” I replied and Jason smacked down 2 more times onto my ass. “That’s for cumming! How many guys have you seduced last week?” asked Jason once again. I replied, “3” and was immediately given 6 spanks to my ass. By now my ass was burning and yes it was hurting, but the control he had on me just was so dominant. He fingers touched my pussy and he brought it back up, wet with juices. “What? You are getting wet from being spanked?” before pushing his fingers into my mouth and saying, “Lick it clean!”.

Once I cleaned his fingers, Jason shifted me face down and unlocked my cuffs, cuffing my hands behind as he fucked my pussy from behind. It was just a short few minutes of sex before he pulled out of me and made me suck him off. Jason let his load out onto my face and he unlock my cuffs after that, quickly passing me tissue to prevent the cuff from soiling his “uniform”. He took the uniform and left after that. This was the last task I performed before I decided not to put on the belt anymore, due to some unforeseen circumstances.

I returned the belt to Felicia 2 days later and we never contacted after that.

Ettu Signing Off ☺